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Our services

Building design

Our team of professionals is capable of designing various buildings from private houses to high-rise structures. Together with our partners we ensure our Clients needs are fully covered – from ketch to assembly/part drawings. Our...

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Design of environmental structures

We have impressive experience in the design of water supply, sewerage, and storm water structures. Pipeline modelling and hydraulic calculations together with contemporary computer programs help us reach the best solutions quickly.

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Design of roads and streets

When designing roads, green areas and other public spaces, our objective is to make the journey convenient, safe and pleasant. We are creative, motivated and open-minded in our work. The solutions offered by us are well feasible and of high quality.

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Power networks and communications

We offer the design of all parts of electrical installations – substations, low and medium voltage networks, strong and weak current installations in buildings, automation systems, and lighting systems. We provide complete solutions for single registered immovables as well as whole cities.

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Design of district heating

Due to our expertise in other fields, our district heating pipeline projects also comprise excellent solutions for other pipelines and road pavements.

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Design of building structures

We have acquired the skills to design various reinforced concrete elements and structures. We know how to prepare good and well legible product drawings for prefabricated concrete elements.

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Owner supervision

Complete services involving cooperation between various specialists to handle technically complex projects, and expert consultation concerning construction sites subject to special requirements have been a long-term direction of ours.

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Construction management

The main contractor is not always necessary – by acting skilfully, it is possible to rely on the knowledge and expertise of the consultant alone and, all in all, the construction process may be cheaper and result in a better quality.

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Financing applications and studies

We can prepare financing applications that meet the rules of the Structural Funds of the European Union together with all necessary base documents such as feasibility studies and development plans.

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Good and efficient people can find solutions and create values which our customers and the whole society in general need.
That is the exact description of our employees – just turn to them and they will help you!

Aare Leis
CEO, OÜ Keskkonnaprojekt

Our people


Real life is an integral composition of different topics, and it is only natural that the field of construction comprises various interconnected subtopics, such as water supply, sewerage, power supply, and structures. One cannot be a specialist in all fields, but it is possible to find a specialists for every field.

OÜ Keskkonnaprojekt offers complete solutions and takes its customers’ concerns seriously, starting from an idea and ending with its technical realisation. That way we can guarantee our customers the best solutions, and convenient and more efficient communication.