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The main contractor is not always necessary – by acting skilfully, it is possible to rely on the knowledge and expertise of the consultant alone, and, consequently, the construction process may be cheaper and result in a better quality. We offer our customers solutions from the idea of the building up to the issue of the permit for use. We aim to operate efficiently, ensuring the optimum construction schedule and helping the customers spare their resources.

We also provide technical consultation concerning KredEx. We offer this service primarily together with the owner supervision service, thereby ensuring our customers financially optimal solutions. Our consultants have passed the required KredEx training.

The process of construction management usually includes the following activities:

  • preparation of the idea/draft project;
  • preparation of the terms of reference;
  • organisation of design work and expert analyses;
  • planning and management of the construction process;
  • provision of assistance during the selection of contractors;
  • communication with sub-contractors, authorities and local governments;
  • coordination of related activities;
  • inspection and documentation of works;
  • keeping the customer informed about the progress and cost of construction work;
  • skilful resolution of all problems related to construction.

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Field Manager
Authorised Civil Engineer
Mobile phone: +372 509 0762



For the provision of the services described above, the enterprise needs to have qualified project managers available. Together with our partners, we are capable of managing diverse projects of a wide range of scopes.

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