• Design of
    district heating

About the service

We offer the design of district heating pipelines, the preparation of financing applications, and the implementation of investment projects. Due to our expertise in other fields, our district heating pipeline projects also comprise excellent solutions for other pipelines and road pavements. As a related service, we also offer owner supervision during the construction of district heating networks.

Our key services include the following:

  • dimensioning of district heating pipelines;
  • design of district heating pipelines.

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Design of district heating pipelines of the network area of Kadriorg

This project provided a solution for the reconstruction of a heat pipeline located in Tallinn, in the territory of Kadriorg Park and the rose garden of the Office of the President.

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Design of heat pipelines in Võhma

This project was used to reconstruct a part of the outdated distribution system of the city of Võhma, and the connection pipelines of approximately five consumers. We also had to find technical solutions for new power and communication cables.

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Design of the heat pipelines of the streets of Rakvere

We prepared the working project for pipelines and a temporary traffic management project, which provided a solution for the reconstruction of the outdated heat network in different areas of Rakvere.

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Design of the reconstruction of the heat network of Viiratsi

This project provided a solution for the installation of new pre-insulated heat pipes in Viiratsi Small Town in order to reconstruct the existing outdated heat network.

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Design of the renovation of a district heating distribution pipeline in Põlva

This project solution involved the reconstruction of approximately 1.6 km of outdated heat pipes in Põlva, in the main street as well as the area of private houses.

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District heating and cooling pipelines in Tartu

Providing a quick and high-quality design service to AS Fortum Tartu has given us the opportunity to design a significant amount of district heating pipelines in Tartu. This good cooperation has also supplemented our portfolio with cooling pipeline projects.

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District heating pipelines in Paldiski

This project provided a solution for the reconstruction of an outdated heat pipeline in the area of apartment and commercial buildings in Paldiski.

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