Project: Design of Metsapargi light traffic road junction

Contracting entity: Kohtla-Järve City Government

The design area is located in Kohtla-Järve, between Metsapargi tee and Kalevi street.

The objective was to provide a design project for Metsapargi light traffic road junction and green area in the city district of Järve in Kohtla-Järve; this project also included a network of light traffic roads together with outdoor lighting, and necessary road markings and inventory (benches and garbage cans). In addition, we designed recreation and green areas.

In the course of the design work, we formed a chain of health trails, designed an area for walking and training dogs, and planned a traffic city area and parking spots for vehicles. We also designed a light traffic road parallel to Kalevi street, determined the potential locations of bus stops, designed the existing Metsapargi tee into a roadway together with a parallel light traffic road; we specified the locations, pavement types and dimensions of roads within the area of Metsapargi; we planned utility systems (electricity, storm water drainage in the parking lot, a system of drainage ditches, hydrants). The total length of light traffic roads was 10,143m, including 3,480 m of health trails. The area of the parking lot was 1,570m2, the area of the traffic city was 2,852 m2. The length of the designed roadway was 942 m.