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Owner supervision together with the administration of contracts, also covering the FIDIC engineer’s service, is one of our strongest fields. We have proved our competence by providing consultation services to contracting entities concerning infrastructure and general building objects of different levels of complexity. Our portfolio includes several buildings protected under heritage conservation or requiring the state secret permit. In connection with environmental structures, we offer services for e.g. landfills, hydraulic constructions and residual pollution objects, not to mention water and sewerage facilities.

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In the provision of consultation services, knowledge in engineering and technology alone is not enough, but the consultant also has to be well familiar with communication psychology, laws and daily politics. We often do more than required by the contract, but what can we do – we value good relations with people.

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Design and construction works for the reconstruction of the district heating systems in Koeru. FIDIC engineer’s service and owner supervision

The project involved the construction of a new wood chip boiler plant together with 1.2km of district heating pipelines. During the preparation period, we prepared a successful financing application and carried out the procurement procedure to find the constructor. It was a successful project – everyone was happy, even the contracting entity.


Owner supervision and engineering service for the design and construction of the closure of Aardlapalu landfill

The purpose of the work to be performed on the basis of the contract was the closure of Aardlapalu landfill in Tartu due to its failure to meet the requirements established for waste handling sites. We offered an international team of several members.

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Owner supervision and FIDIC engineer’s service for the reconstruction of water and sewerage pipelines in Narva

The project involved more than 88km of different drinking water, sewerage and rain water pipelines with a diameter of up to 1,200mm. Our team of several consultants worked with this technically complicated project for 2.5 years and helped the contracting entity to achieve the desired outcome. It was a worthy project, city and customer.

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Vaidva fish ladder and spawning areas (Vastse-Roosa Village, Mõniste Rural Municipality, Võru County). Owner supervision and consultation service

This project resulted in the creation of a bypass arrangement (a nature-identical artificial bed with a slight inclination to guide the fish past the barrage) to guarantee fish migration to River Vaidva. The outcome was a good-looking hydraulic construction.

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