Project: Elimination of residual pollution in Tartu – owner supervision

Contracting entity: Tartu City Government

We carried out owner supervision during the elimination of residual pollution discovered at Näituse 22b and 22c, and Vaksali 31 in Tartu. The residual pollution was discovered in June 2017 after an intense period of rain, when a mixture of oil products and water penetrated onto the ground from a former underground container. The area in question was used for residential purposes; the container was partially covered by a green area and partially by a parking lot with asphalt pavement. Next to the container, there were storm water sewers, and a lighting cable ran across the top of the container. In the course of work, the container was opened up, the polluted soil was removed and handed over to a waste operator with a corresponding activity licence, and the container was cleaned/washed. The parking lot, green area and small inventory were restored. 561 tons of soil were removed.