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About the service

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers know the solutions and explanations for several questions which the customers have before and during construction work.

Owner supervision together with the administration of contracts, also covering the FIDIC engineer’s service, is one of our strongest fields.

Our portfolio includes several infrastructure and general construction projects of different level of complexity, as well as buildings protected under heritage conservation or requiring the state secret permit. We can also provide consultation regarding the construction and renovation of environmental structures, e.g. landfills, hydraulic constructions and residual pollution objects, not to mention water supply and sewerage facilities.

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For the provision of consultation services, knowledge in engineering and technology alone is not enough –the consultant also has to be well familiar with communication psychology, laws and daily politics. We often do more than required by the contract, but that is just the way we are – good relations with people are very important to us.

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Construction supervision and engineer’s service during stage I of the creation of the public water supply and sewerage system in Mustvee

In the course of the construction, approximately 3.65km of water supply pipelines and 4.75km of sewerage pipelines were reconstructed and created in Mustvee.

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Elimination of residual pollution in Tartu – owner supervision

We carried out owner supervision during the elimination of residual pollution discovered at Näituse 22b and 22c, and Vaksali 31 in Tartu.

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FIDIC engineer’s service and owner supervision during the construction of Siimani biomethane plant

Biometaan OÜ is developing Siimani biomethane plant in Kõo Rural Municipality, next to Mangeni Farm in Koksvere, Viljandi County.

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Owner supervision during the construction of a courthouse at Lubja 4, Tallinn

Owner supervision service during the construction of a building complex together with access roads and other infrastructure at Lubja 4, Tallinn.

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Owner supervision during the construction of the main building of the EU IT Agency

Owner supervision service covering a complete solution for the new main building of the IT Agency of the European Union at Vesilennuki 5, Tallinn.

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The exposition hall and exhibition building of the Estonian Road Museum – owner supervision

Owner supervision during the reconstruction of the exposition hall and construction of the new exhibition building of the Estonian Road Museum in Varbuse.

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